Furious Energy

You should send another player Furious Energy

  • If they shared a battle replay. Send Furious Energy to say “Thanks!”
  • If they show enthusiasm, righteous fury, or high energy
  • If they suggest removing bots, or give other recommendations for the game
  • To show that they’re a Furious Battler


Big-Brain Energy

You should send another player Big-Brain Energy

  • If they answered a question. Send Big-Brain Energy to say “Thanks!”
  • If they shared useful information or wrote something educational
  • If they show Big-Brain Knowledge of any kind
  • To show that they’re a Big-Brain Optimizer


Whale Energy

You should send another player Whale Energy…

  • If they show generosity, or you finish a trade. Send Whale Energy to say “Thanks!”
  • If they don’t rent cancel at the end of the season
  • If they pump the price of a card or crypto. Whales entering, number go up!
  • To show that they’re a Friendly Whale

Tipping tokens have a long and storied history starting with Dogecoin, which has gone on to inspire more projects than we can list. SplinterSkins is adding to a rich tradition of fun projects with the airdrop of three tipping tokens for Splinterlands, which are used to express appreciation. Each Energy will have its own unique utilities, and represents a different type of Splinterlands player:

Furious Energy-A1 (1)

Furious Battlers are represented by

🔥  Furious Energy


Furious Battlers enter every match with a fierce desire to win. Even if their card stats are smol like a furious chicken, their heart is big. These players enjoy the game for what it is, and try to have fun with every battle. Furious Battlers will sometimes get mad at bots or rent-cancellers, but their fiery fury is more than made up for by the burning passion they bring to the game. They’re not the type to be overly concerned with buying fancy golden cards, these are practical, fun-loving players.  


Furious Battlers are generally nice and good-spirited, although they can be a bit rough around the edges. These players are eager to provide advice and feedback on Discord, and will occasionally get into arguments, usually in good fun.


For the most enjoyable experience, smart furious battlers learn to control their fiery tempers, stop playing when they’re no longer having fun, and vent their frustration in healthy ways. Furious battlers find solidarity with each other from their shared annoyance at bots.





Big Brain Energy-B1

Big-Brain Optimizers are represented by

🧠  Big-Brain Energy


Big-Brains are the strategic Optimizers of Splinterlands. Big-Brains take plenty of time planning out their team to get the perfect order, and almost always use all of their mana. They’ll often use strategic combinations like healing on a beefy tank, or the latest meta combination. While these players will often take what already works, they’ll also experiment with their own distinctive twist on popular line-ups, trying to make their own unique winning combinations.


Big-brains are also bargain hunters, looking for the best deal on cards to buy, and the cheapest rentals. Optimizers like to get the best bang for their buck, and enjoy finding hidden gems.


The biggest pitfall big-brains fall into is the trap of overthinking, which can make playing less fun. To avoid this, big-brains should take breaks often, avoid excessive playtime, and remember that the point of playing is to have fun. Big-Brains are often seen winning tournaments or dominating the highest levels of the top leagues.



Friendly Whales

Friendly Whales are represented by

🐳  Whale Energy


This rarer but highly visible type of player boasts a large collection, and they may rent out many of their extra cards for profit. Many whales are friendly and well known in the community. Whales may have bought into Splinterlands early, when card prices were much cheaper. Other more recent whales have invested a lot of money into the game. Not all whales are rich outside of Splinterlands, although some are.


Whales have a high level of commitment to the game, and they’re the type to stay informed about the latest news and game updates. Some of them have their life savings invested into the game!


The downfall of some whales is that it’s easy to forget about the needs of the common renters from atop a giant stack of shiny cards. Friendly whales avoid cancelling rent too often so they don’t attract the ire of Furious Battlers. Some friendly whales are renowned for their great generosity, delegating cards for free to help others in their guild.

Splinterlands Skins

“Players who enjoy the game and play for fun, players with good aesthetic taste, and the most dedicated – these are the people who buy skins”

Splinterlands Skins are special because they provide no gameplay or earnings benefit, which means players bought them out of good taste, a joy for art, or a love for the game. Skins are the only purely cosmetic asset to be listed directly in the Splinterlands shop, with their own dedicated tab. Unlike most assets, skins are never earned by bots. 

To put it simply, Skins are the best on-chain representation of real Splinterlands players without bots.

Players who bought skins, unbeknownst to them at the time, joined an elite group of especially dedicated players. Players who enjoy the game and play for fun, players with good aesthetic taste, and the most dedicated – these are the people who buy skins. This is why SplinterSkins chose skin buyers to receive the airdrop of 🔥 Furious Energy🧠 Big-Brain Energy, and 🐳 Whale Energy.


Real Players buy Skins, not bots 

Splinterlands botnets follow a pattern that the username is most often a text username followed by a number, I.E., “Jarius1”. The botnet then also controls “Jarius2”, “Jarius3”, and so on. To check if any skins were purchased by bots, we analyzed the list of purchasing players to see if some players had the same text username followed by different numbers.

*Out of 1,939 unique skin purchasers, there was only one group of 5 following the botnet pattern: “sl-proxy-1”, “sl-proxy-2″… on through “sl-proxy-5”. This is technically a botnet, but it’s controlled by Splinterlands itself to purchase for players who haven’t purchased the Spellbook.


Splinterlands skins are owned by an elite group of fun-loving Splinterlands players. 

As of April 2022, skins had been purchased by 1,939 total unique players with a Hive account, and several more without one. 1,610 players bought individual skins, 478 bought skin sets, and out of those, 149 got both.


Skins are for the people

When you’re buying an individual skin (not a set), the Splinterlands UI only lets you buy one of each. Sets had no such limit. Even so, the vast majority of set purchasers only purchased one set or fewer of each rarity. Out of 828 set purchases of a unique set rarity for the purchasing player, only 23, or 2.7%, purchased more than 1 set of the same rarity.

This suggests that most players bought skins for their own cosmetic use, not for later resale. Skin buyers are an exceptional group of committed players. Skins are the people’s asset!

The Energy Airdrop

SplinterSkins is airdropping 🔥 Furious Energy, 🧠 Big-Brain Energy, and/or 🐳 Whale Energy to every active player who ever purchased a skin!

⚪  For every Common Skin you bought, your airdrop is 1 million 🔥 Furious Energy
🔵  For every Rare Skin you bought, your airdrop is 2 million 🧠 Big-Brain Energy
🟣  For every Epic Skin you bought, your airdrop is 3 million 🐳 Whale Energy
🟠  For every Legendary Skin you bought, your airdrop is 4 million 🐳 Whale Energy

The airdrop snapshot of skin buyers was taken April 22, 2022. Search for your username to see how much you’re eligible to claim here, and see our airdrop post for claiming instructions and more.

Skins purchased as a set count as the individual skins the set contains. The airdrop is split up with different types of energy going to different skin buyers to encourage sending and tipping with them as intended. This way, players who have one type will send it to other players, who will in turn send different types of energy.



SplinterSkins does not purport itself to have any affiliation with Splinterlands, or any employees, developers or partners thereof. None of this content is financial advice, legal advice, tax advice, investment advice, or any other type of advice. Furious Energy, Big-Brain Energy, and Whale Energy are not investments or securities, and they carry no expectation of profit. This is not a solicitation to invest, or any other type of solicitation. This content exclusively represents the opinions of the author(s).